Lake County is a great place to live and raise a family. The County is governed by a twenty three member County Board, which has been led by a Republican majority. Republican leadership has served the residents of Lake County well, even through the current economic crisis, and has managed to balance the Lake County budget without a single tax increase. The Republicans have made difficult choices in cutting spending, and the resulting fiscal responsibility has benefited all Lake County residents in the form of no new taxes.


In a power grab to control Lake County government, the Illinois Democratic Machine is running candidates for Lake County Board. Based upon State Campaign Disclosures, these candidates are well funded by Democratic Party bosses and Democratic special interest groups. Unions have made large contributions with the specific intent of defeating Republican County Board members, who are refusing to agree to unreasonable pay increases during current union contract negotiations. The demanded pay increases WILL INCREASE TAXES.


Make no mistake. Not a single Democratic candidate for Lake County Board is “independent.” All of the candidates have had one platform written for them by expert Democratic pollsters and consultants, but their candidates have no intention of following that platform. It is a dishonest campaign tactic to get elected. All of the Democratic candidates are proclaiming, in lockstep, the same false campaign promises: 1. They promise to control spending. 2. They promise to cut taxes. 3. They promise to solve road congestion. 4. They promise to attract new businesses to Lake County. While these false promises sound appealing, Democrats have poor record of keeping such promises.


The Democratic record in Cook County and Illinois serves as clear evidence that the Lake County Democrats will not follow the platform written for them. Democrats are entirely responsible for the abysmal financial conditions of the City of Chicago, Cook County, and the State of Illinois. Democratic initiatives have led to massive spending increases which eventually have to be paid by citizens in the form of higher taxes. Also, Democrats will bring their Chicago style of ethics to Lake County, so that an additional “corruption tax” will also have be paid by residents. The collective effect of these actions will drive businesses out of Lake County, just as it has in Cook County.


Republicans have balanced the Lake County budget without a tax increase. They have also invested heavily in new roads to address road congestion, widening Washington Street, extending Rollins Road, upgrading Stern School Road, improving Sunset Avenue, and has approved work to fix the Milburn Strangler, widen Route 21 to four lanes in between Libertyville and Gurnee. And Republicans in Lake County holding the line on taxes has kept Lake County competitive in attracting new business.


Now is not the time for Democrat tax increases to pay higher salaries at the demand of union bosses during a bad economy.


In other areas, a comparison of how Republican led Lake County has stacked up to the Democratic controlled Cook County, and the Democratic controlled State of Illinois, is illustrated in the “Fiscal Health Comparison Chart”.


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